Studio Facilities

Working Space:

The studio space is 6.6m x 6.5m (22' x 21.7') – double-height space – 42.9m² (476.7ft²) (the premises are significantly larger).

The interior can occasionally look like this:

the interior of Pavilion Photographic Studio

In use, it’s more likely to look like this:

Pavilion studio - in use

Studio flash:

The primary lighting is now four Broncolor Siros heads – four older Bowens Gemini 500Pro monolights are available if we’re stuck. Most of the stands are fitted with dollies/castors.

The boom stand is safely capable of mounting a flash head (and all but the heaviest of modifiers) at 2.7m/9ft.

Flash Modifiers:

Broncolor fittings
  • one 48" octabox
  • one 40" x 40" softbox
  • one 32" x 48" gridded softbox
  • one 28" beauty dish (white, with honeycomb grid and diffuser)
  • one 24" x 24" softbox
  • two 12" x 48" gridded strip softboxes
  • one 74" white parabolic umbrella
Bowens fittings


Both the Broncolor RFS and Bowens Pulsar radio triggers are compatible with standard hotshoes – we have an adapter for older Sony/Minolta gear. PC sync cables are also available (and the flash heads also have photo slave triggers).

Continuous Lighting

We have a pair of Arri Junior Fresnel lights with barn doors (one 150W and one 300W).

Natural Light:

Natural light is available from eastwards facing french doors and lots of windows … subject to available daylight in Scotland.


2.7m seamless roll paper is generally available in charcoal and black. There is a small selection of coloured paper. There is no infinity curve – that style of portraiture isn’t part of our business model. The minimum drop for the paper rolls approximately 2.5m.

3m white and grey vinyl rolls are hung on a second wall with a minimum of a 3m drop.

The Wall

The moveable wall is a 2.4m x 2.4m panel – black wall paper on one side and cream on the other:

The moveable wall - black wallpaperThe moveable wall - cream wallpaper

Reflectors and flags:

There are three 3m tall self-standing black/white bookends (v-flats) and an assortment of fold-out reflectors.

Dressing Room

The studio has a small dressing room with clothes rail, mirror, etc..


  • If you want to use the fold-out bed, bring your own bed linen.
  • You are welcome to help yourself to tea and coffee in the downstairs kitchen area (we can show you how to work the Nespresso machine). You are expected to wash your own dishes afterwards.
  • The studio is suitable for wheelchair access (with a fully equipped disabled toilet).
  • A shower is available in the upstairs upstairs toilet (bring your own towels).
  • Wifi access is also available.
  • It comes as a surprise to some, but it’s our work that hangs on the walls.

Assistance and tuition:

A member of staff is always on hand to give minimal assistance and answer questions (we would rather give you some assistance than risk that you damage the equipment or injure yourself). If you want a working assistant for your shoot or some tuition we can offer that too.