Portrait Retouching with Photoshop

  • Clean-up & blemish removal
    • healing brush
    • patch
    • clone stamp
  • Skin
    • Acceptable skin tone.
    • Evening skin tones.
    • Softening wrinkles.
    • Removing shine.
    • Beauty retouching using frequency separation.
    • Beauty retouching using dodge & burn.
  • Simple and fast slimming.
  • Reshaping
    • eyes
    • lips
    • the nose
    • the body
  • Enhancing eyes.
  • Whitening teeth.
  • Hair
    • stray hairs
    • adding highlights & depth
    • lightening roots
  • Transplants & grafts

In this class we’ll cover how we retouch our portraits. We like to keep our retouching subtle (we don’t like plastic doll skin and eyes shouldn’t glow in the dark). Starting with good images helps too – this isn’t about saving bad original images.

What we will teach is a combination of what we do (and why) and the specific techniques we use to achieve the end result.

The class isn’t intended for the Photoshop novice and, while we will offer an introduction to the tools, we expect a level of knowledge (and preferably proficiency) roughly equivalent to our Introduction to Photoshop class.

We’re talking about Photoshop, so there are many more techniques than we know and we will only try to teach you what we do and what works for us. The techniques we ourselves use continue to develop as we continue to learn and adapt the new concepts to our own workflow.

This is a hands-on class -we explain and demonstrate each topic and technique – then you put it into practice.


We will teach the class using Photoshop CC on a Mac – almost everything will applicable to CS6 and CS5 too (the choice of Mac or Windows is irrelevant). If you are using CS3 or CS4 then there will be some differences, but most of the content will still be relevant.

Much of the material and many of the techniques will also be applicable to the most recent versions of Photoshop Elements, but the interface differences will be significant.

You will need your own laptop, some of your own sample images and a working copy of Photoshop for the hands-on parts.


  • Saturday 12th January 2013- 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday 26th October 2013- 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday 29th June 2014- 10am – 4pm

  • 3-4 participants.
  • Price: £190

Get in touch to book your place or, if you can’t make these dates, sign up for the newsletter to be notified about future events.

I was on this retouching class with Barrie at the beginning of January and it was great!

Ross McDonald - portrait retouching class