Natural light studio portraits

natural light portrait photography workshop flyer 10th May 2015Intended as a follow-on to our Fundamentals of studio portrait lighting workshop, we will explore a number of options to use natural light to shoot a variety of portraits. This is an afternoon class, limited to our standard class size of 4 – 6 participants.

The studio course is not an obligatory pre-requisite, but this class does require that you are familiar with using your camera and have some experience in portraiture.

Since we will be shooting in ambient light, you will likely need a lens capable of f/4 or better (we will be shooting at ISO 400 – 1250).


  • Experience: You should be capable of operating your camera in either manual or aperture priority modes and understand how to use exposure compensation. Some previous experience of portraiture will be beneficial.
  • Gear: A lens covering approximately 24-70mm on a full frame dSLR (or 18-55mm on a crop body) is the minimum requirement (a maximum aperture of f/4 or better is preferable).

  • Sunday 10th May 2015 – 1:30pm – 4:30pm, model: TBC

  • 4-6 participants.
  • Price £110 (including VAT)

Some images from previous classes are posted on the blog (4th August 2012 and 18th August 2012)
What’s been said about the class:

Learned loads from Barrie and Fiona yesterday on their Natural Light Photography Course. A lot of things clicked in to place for me.

Chris Scyner - natural light portraits

What a great afternoon!! Im just having a look at the shots of Fredau just now there are some lovely ones

Jacqui Houston - natural light portraits class

Had a great afternoon at Pavilion Photographic Studio doing the natural light workshop. Barrie Spence and Fiona Spence ran the course with considerable aplomb and the model was the phenomenal Fredau H. A great time had by all and I recommend the course and studio very highly!

Iain Macdonald - natural light portraits

Thoroughly enjoyed the natural light class at the weekend. Barrie and Fiona were fantastic/helpful/knowledgeable as always and Emma was great to work with. Walked away with loads of images I was pleased with.

Stu Davidson - natural light portraits

I really enjoyed natural light course. Well thought out and executed.

Alistair Wright

Had a superb time and learned lots. Thanks Barrie and Fredau.

Steve Richmond

Just had a brilliant natural light class at Pavilion with Fredau H. who is phenomenal. It was great fun.

David Traynor