Some things just take a long time to come to fruition, so we’re delighted to have Damien visit the studio for this workshop on Sunday 9th July. A photographic masterclass in how to light, compose and capture beautiful studio portraits with Damien Lovegrove. From show-stopping fashion style portraiture through to […]

With a fresh year not long arrived, we thought it worth letting you know about the model days/weekends we have booked at Pavilion Photographic Studio for the first half of the year. Some are completely new faces to the studio and some are returning for their second or third time. […]

Our good friend Greig Middlemiss was one of our helpers for the open day, so when he wasn’t playing tea/coffee boy he grabbed some behind the scenes shots. You can see the whole set over on StoreHouse.

It’s been a while since our last studio open day (almost 3 years!), so we’re having an open house again on Saturday 18th April (10am – 4pm). This is your chance to visit the studio – you can see what we have on offer and learn about some of the […]

Backups scare me. They always have. They should scare you too. Backups are important day-to-day, but when you need them they are critical. Bad things will happen to the files that are important to us and potentially critical to our business. For the duration of my career in IT, I […]

Tillie Feather was with us for two sell out model days. These are some art nude images from a teaching session as part of one of the model day sessions. All but the last are a single light (a large rectangular gridded softbox) – the last image uses two strip […]

Our ever popular studio portrait lighting workshop was so popular in January that we’ve had to schedule another one in February to accommodate demand! The one-day workshop is limited to only four student photographers, but you have two of us teaching and three great models. Places for our classes are […]